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Xiumin & luhan - xiuhan 46k likes a fan-page about the most adorable and lovable otp ever existed, you won't be able to resist them because once you. Does anyone know where i can find the xiuhan fic where xiumin works in a shop and luhan is an actor and they become friends but xiumin has no clue who luhan is but they fall in love and just. Exo reaction to dating a younger girl gifs not mine reaction masterlist anonymous said: hi beautiful i was wondering if you could do an exo reaction to you (gf) being younger then them /like either they get teased for it or something/ thanks i love you.

Despite that luhan has the attention of sehun, he still needs to be near xiumin and can’t help but hold onto him, because xiumin is more important to him james: you’re suffering from what i like to call the domcomplex. I don’t think it’s a ‘situation’ it is something perfectly normal and i am happy he proudly announced it to the world i believe it is just absurd to expect grown men to act like they are void of any capability to possess romantic feelings. He's hiding from sehun, he and luhan were hanging out and the maknae doesn't like it ~poor xiuminie xd sehunie is such jealous xd. Who do you expect getting (do not choose one because is your bias, choose who do you think you're going to get.

1 luhan and xiumin will play soccer in the dorms 2 sehun cannot stand chanyeol’s lack of behaviour (childish behaviour etc) 3 suho really listens to do. Reblog exo reaction reactions exo gif reaction exo reaction kpop kpop gif reaction kpop reaction exo gif sehun suho baekhyun chen chanyeol do kai kris lay luhan xiumin minseok tao zitao kyungsoo exo imagine exo fanfiction kpop imagine kpop fanfiction exo scenario jongdae. Xiumin responded, i would like to marry ryeowook, causing everyone to laugh to make matters more complicated, ryeowook said, i'm sorry, but i have do , another member of exo. Exo xiumin minseok exo scenarios exo imagines exo fluff dating xiumin xiumin boyfriend exo imagine exo scenario exo drabbles exo drabble exo smut exo xiumin xiumin imagines xiumin exo exo edit sehun hq kaimisutra edit kaimisutra stage kaimisutra sehun sehun boyfriend exo scenarios baekhyun chanyeol kai chen xiumin lay luhan hunhan suho do. Baby steps by exodious - kai/do, xiumin/luhan || nc-17 | chaptered | ongoing || smut, mpreg, angst, comedy, romance, arranged marriage ☆ bon voyage by.

Xiumin: i’m dating a genius then posted 3 years ago + 313 notes # exo # exo k # exo m # exo reaction # exo reacions # exo gif scenario # exo gifs # luhan # lay # kai # kris # chen # chanyeol # do # xiumin # tao # sehun # suho # baekhyun. Bài này đã được đăng trong lumin và được gắn thẻ dispalch, luhan, luhan dating, luhan xiumin, lumin, lumin dating, lumin hẹn hò, xiuhan, xiuhan dating, xiumin, xiumin dating đánh dấu đường dẫn tĩnh. Exo reacting to their little sister dating another member 》 faq // masterlist xiumin - “hahahayou’re kidding, right you’re not actually dating him right“ luhan - a deer in the headlights, to put. Xiumin asks, looking at luhan seriously and luhan gave xiumin dull expression on his face can you believe me, at least once luhan asks, looking into xiumin's eyes well it's not my fault you lie to me all the time and try manipulating me to be depressed xiumin says in a big pout. Lay answers question about luhan in sohu interview monday, april 20, 2015 baekhyun, the rest of the members are okay with him and luhan and tao and xiumin still follow him on ig rumours said that when xiumin and lay went to film the generation show they met up with luhan who knows the thing is, the damage could only come.

– on 8 october 2017, luhan posted on his weibo that he’s dating the actress guan xiaotong (who will be in a drama with him in 2018) – luhan was a dance mentor with got7’s jackson on a chinese tv show “hot lood dance crew” and his team (with jackson) won the show against dance mentors willam chan and victoria song ’s team. Anonymous said: exo mtl dating a fan answer: (honestly, i don’t think any of the boys would openly prefer/be alright with dating a fan, but that’s just me idk~) most: • xiumin • chanyeol • lay . At 'exceptionally unlike another' recording each type can only have one member and kris was trying to take over from xiumin and tao after he lost his first preference.

Xiumin xiumin would notice and appreciate the things, that made him want to be more than friends, more luhan the only difference in between luhan being your best friend and being your boyfriend, is that now all his sexual innuendos are justified because he’s your boyfriend. Exo reaction to finding out their mate is human xiumin: xiumin won’t be shocked that much as he would’ve probably figure it out a while after you guys were dating he would protect you more than he. Xiumin shares room with kris and luhan in korea and shares room with tao in china he has a chubby face and a cute grin just like wonder girl's sohee he has a chubby face and a cute grin just like wonder girl's sohee.

When they like you but you’re dating another member xiumin bottles up his feelings because he doesn’t want to ruin what you and luhan have even if he had his eye on you for a longer period of. Kim min-seok (born (1990-03-26) march 26, 1990), better known by his stage name xiumin, is a south korean singer and actorhe is best known as a member of the south korean-chinese boy group exo, its sub-group exo-m, and its sub-unit exo-cbx. Exo (korean: 엑소 stylized as exo) is a south korean–chinese boy band based in seoul with nine members: suho, baekhyun, chanyeol, do, kai, sehun, xiumin, lay and chen the band was formed by sm entertainment in 2011 and debuted in 2012. Xiumin - “so when’s the wedding” luhan asked in a joking tone, “i’d better be invited,” you and xiumin have only been dating for 4 weeks, and this was the 12 comment like that he’d gotten.

While luhan used to be an easy going hyung and everything, he many times prefers to just sit back and watch the young uns play (evidence-ep9 showtime) in which he’s joined mostly by xiumin who as the mathyung (oldest) likes watching on sidelines too they have common interests in soccer,m coffee plus in the same subunit. Xiumin was slated to be the leader, but due to a large number of reasons, the role was given to kris for the reason kris was made leader and luhan skipped entirely, a lot of accounts say it was because he's able to speak more languages and hence act as the speaker in other countries, and also that luhan was given the role of visual and vocal already. Otp exo yup js luhan seoul music awards xiumin xiuhan luhan 140123 luhan is so getting a kick out of this i know this has been gif'd like a hundred times but i really wanted a front angle one so find this pin and more on exo by sandra.

Xiumin and luhan dating
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